Social media websites such as facebook, instagram and pinterest have an important role for contributing to increase your brand awareness and the growth of your business. So even when you have a facebook page you have to think to maintain it efficiently to guaranty that it will grow your business.

So you’ve created a Facebook page for your business. Now what?

The next step is to learn how to manage the page and keep on managing it. Forever. Yes, once you commit to creating a Facebook page, any social media page even, you have to make sure you continue to maintain it. It’s a commitment, like marriage or parenthood.

Looking after a Facebook business page can eat up your time if you’re not careful, but with planning and a build-up of knowledge it’s manageable (maybe even enjoyable!). Analysing the Admin Panel, creating compelling content for posts and engaging with users on a daily basis will assure you have a successful Facebook page in the long run. If you’ve been putting off setting up Facebook Business Manager because you weren’t quite sure how it works, we’ve got good news. Continue reading below!

First you have to make sure that people know and remember your page on facebook.

Picking a name

It is no trivial matter. Make sure that you pick a name that is consistent with your brand and that convey your message so that they’ll find you when running a search.

Then Pick a vanity URL

If you want to easily promote your Facebook Page, you need a URL that is easy to put into emails and on flyers. You need a vanity URL.

Update your About section

A simple way to drive traffic to your Facebook page is to update the About section under your Cover Photo. It is one of the few areas that allows you to hyperlink to your website, and you can use this to your advantage. Describe your company briefly before providing a link to your website so you get an extra backlink from a high authority website such Facebook!

Optimize for Search Engines

Everyone knows that to be successful with a website, you need to optimize it for search engines. Yet, it seems no one considers it when building their Facebook Page.

Guess what? Your Facebook Page is indexed by Google. You need to load the description with keywords, just as you do your website. Within the same area that you’d update your About section (Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info), update the Description, Mission, Awards and Products, filling it with relevant keywords. Google will find you!

Assign Roles

If you manage your Page yourself and no one else will touch it, you can feel free to skip this part.

But if you have a team or at least one person helping out, you need to consider assigning roles. What you don’t want is a ticked off employee who goes nuts and screws up your page on the way out. You can prevent this.

Allow for various levels of control with Facebook Page admin roles

After  this you can start giving importance to your  your posts:

The content: What to write and how to write it?

Short and sweet. Copy for posts shouldn’t be long. One or two lines are best. Think of how the users look at online text; they scan posts. If they see a post and decide it’s too long, they won’t even bother to read the first word. A maximum of two lines ensures posts are short enough that people will read them.

Big and bold. Make the text look interesting. Calls to action are very effective at getting people to do things and can thus be used effectively within posts. Try using CAPS for any calls to action. Example: ‘LIKE Verve Search if you love SEO!’

Ask questions and receive answers. This is simple, but effective. Asking users questions encourages them to leave comments. Asking every day questions, for example, ‘what’s your idea of the perfect brunch?’ or ‘If you could be in one place right now where would it be?’ gets users commenting. Genuine questions to do with your business however, increases comments. Asking for advice on a product or logo, draws users in and provides valuable customer feedback.

Target by Region

Want to schedule a post for people in a completely different time zone but don’t want to annoy people outside of that time zone?

Target by country!

A picture worths a thousand words. Images should be used for most posts and should reflect the post’s message. Posts with images have more weight than posts without them. Images with links and photo albums also have a good weighting.

Promote Your Page

You created your Page, so make sure you get someone to read your stuff! Start with the following:

  • Invite friends and family who have an interest in your brand;
  • Invite current customers;
  • Create signage at your store with a call to action to Like your Page!
  • Add a call to action to your receipts; and
  • Add a Facebook Like box to your website.



If you need any assistance building and managing your social media pages! contact me Today!




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